In the early stage of childhood education, the emotional, social and physical development is essential. This is why it is very important to adapt the rhythm and needs of each child.

To respect the development of each student, in our school La Inmaculada we work as follows:

ROUTINES: In Preschool, it is important to establish routines and habits appropriate for this stage so that students can carry out important functions in relation to the configuration of the educational context by means of the spatio-temporal sequencing of the classrooms through the repetition of activities and tasks.

ENTUSIASMAT: Method for working on Mathematics from multiple intelligences. Starts with 5 minutes of calculations and oral problems and then 20 minutes of manipulative work; finally, they have got 5 minutes to complete the written task of the day.

COOPERATIVE LEARNING: It consists of adding student-student interaction, in a cooperative way, to student-teacher interaction. This way, group work improves learning.

JOLLY PHONICS: It is a complete methodology of reading and writing. It uses the system “syntheticphonics” to teach the sounds in a multisensory, fun, and interesting way.

PROJECT-BASED LEARNING: With this methodology, the student is the protagonist. It is used in a variety of subjects that invite to creativity, innovation and investigation. We work on one project per level.