Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate

At La Inmaculada School we intend to educate the whole person, by means of a unique/ original and personalized educational model.

1. In Secondary Compulsory Education (ESO) we foster the consolidation and reinforcement of the study habits which have been acquired in previous years. The aim of this stage of education is to help all students develop their talents and do their best so they are prepared to make the best decisions regarding the continuation of the studies at a higher level (Baccalaureate / Vocational Training) or integration into the labour market.

As a Missionary School, we consider our mission to educate the whole person and to develop all their talents and abilities so as to build a better world.

One of our main challenges is to educate for life. Living in a global world we have a commitment to teaching and promoting languages, ICT and with pedagogical innovation. All our students study English and are offered French and German. We have our own bilingual pedagogical program in English, which involves an increase in the number English classes every week and the presence of a native auxiliary teacher in all levels.

As a missionary school, we intend to help all our students, more so students with learning difficulties or special teaching needs.  In order to approach all the learning abilities we foster project-based learning, cooperation with the guidance counselor, and have implemented measures to meet the needs of diversity. Some of these measures are teaching in small groups, learning reinforcement and PMAR (academic performance improvement plan).


2. We offer a partly state-funded Baccalaureate with three modalities: sciences and technology, social sciences and humanities. We envision the person as a whole and intend to educate spirit and mind by promoting academic achievement and values: responsibility, solidarity, peaceful coexistence, inner life and transcendental education.

Tutoring and guidance play an important role in this stage.  Our purpose is to empower and assist students in their decisions regarding academic and career goals to help them make the best decisions.